Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on HPE ATP Storage Solutions

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Salary Survey Extra is a series of dispatches that give added insight into the findings of our annual Salary Survey. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

What does the Salary Survey have to say about the professional profile of HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders?Every day, in the course of normal operations, businesses and organizations generate reams of both actionable data and passive data. Both kinds need to be saved, either for future use or future reference. Some of that data, ultimately won’t be save and stored indefinitely, but quite a lot of it needs a digital home.

One company that provides reliable data storage products is HPE, one of two companies spun off from the former HP, or Hewlett-Packard (the E is for Enterprise and denotes the company’s business products and services focus, whereas HP Inc. sells computers and printers). HPE inherited the certification program of the old HP, and administers all of its credentials.

That includes HPE ATP Storage Solutions (No. 28 on this year’s Salary Survey 75 list), which certifies knowledge of HPE storage technologies and is today’s subject of inquiry. Let’s see what our survey data (speaking of something stored for future reference) can tell us about the professional profile of an HPE-certified data storage expert.

Here’s what the salary picture looks like for HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders who responded to the Salary Survey:

All U.S. Respondents
Average Annual Salary: $128,210
Median Annual Salary: $125,000
How satisfied are you with your current salary?
Completely Satisfied: [No responses]
Very Satisfied: 42.9 percent
Satisfied: 30 percent
Not Very Satisfied: 27.1 percent
Not At All Satisfied: [No responses]

All Non-U.S. Respondents
Average Annual Salary: $55,400
Median Annual Salary: $47,500
How satisfied are you with your current salary?
Completely Satisfied: [No responses]
Very Satisfied: 11.7 percent
Satisfied: 41.2 percent
Not Very Satisfied: 47.1 percent
Not At All Satisfied: [No responses]

The largest single body of HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders who responded to the survey is made up of U.S. residents (29.2 percent of respondents), but not by nearly as much as often the case. Everyone else who checked in is from one of 14 other nations: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

As generally happens, we heard from considerably more male HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders (95.8 percent of respondents) than female credential holders (4.2 percent). It’s a relatively youthful group, with nearly 59 percent of those surveyed either between the ages of 25 and 34 (21.3 percent) or between the ages of 35 and 44 (37.5 percent). The rest are either between the ages of 45 and 54 (20.4 percent of respondents), between the ages of 55 and 64 (16.7 percent), or between the ages of 65 and 74 (4.1 percent).

Somewhat surprisingly, the highest level of formal education completed by most HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders in our group is either technical training with no college degree (33.3 percent of those surveyed), a high school diploma (16.3 percent), or an associate’s (two-year) degree (17.1 percent). Just 25 percent of respondents have bachelor’s degrees, while only 8.3 percent have master’s degrees. At least in terms of formal education, it would seem, there’s a comparatively low bar for aspiring certification holders to clear.

On the other hand, HPE ATP Storage Solutions is one of those rare credentials for which 100 percent of the certified individuals who responded to our survey have full-time jobs. No one we heard from is out of work, on sabbatical, employed part-time, etc. These are fairly demanding jobs, it would seem, as almost 68 percent of HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders put in more than 40 hours per week, with 50 percent working between 41 and 50 hours, while 16.7 percent working more than 50 hours. A fortunate few are at work either 40 hours per week (20.8 percent of those surveyed) or between 31 and 39 hours (12.5 percent).

In terms of workplace standing, most HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders are either senior specialists (54.2 percent of those surveyed) or specialists (16.6 percent). The rest are either rank-and-file employees (4.6 percent of respondents), managers (12.5 percent), directors (8.3 percent), or executives (3.8 percent).

Most of those we heard from have a fairly deep background in HPE products. Just 8.3 percent of those surveyed have worked in a role that directly utilizes one or more of their certified skills for between 3 and 5 years, while 12.5 percent have been so engaged for between 6 and 8 years. The rest of our HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders have either between 9 and 10 years of direct experience (25 percent of respondents), or more than 10 years (54.2 percent).

Finally, here’s the view of HPE ATP Storage Solutions holders on key questions from the survey about how certification impacts job performance:

At my current job I use skills learned or enhanced through certification: 
Several times a day: 42.1 percent
Several times a week: 41.7 percent
Several times a month: 8.3 percent
Occasionally: 7.9 percent
Rarely: [No responses]

Since becoming certified, I feel there is greater demand for my skills. 
Strongly agree: 37.5 percent
Agree: 29.2 percent
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 25 percent
Disagree: 5 percent
Strongly Disagree: 3.3 percent

Becoming certified has increased my problem-solving skills.
Strongly agree: 25 percent
Agree: 50 percent
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 16.7 percent
Disagree: 5.4 percent
Strongly Disagree: 2.9 percent

Becoming certified has increased my workplace productivity.
Strongly agree: 29.2 percent
Agree: 54.2 percent
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 6.2 percent
Disagree: 8.3 percent
Strongly Disagree: 1.7 percent

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