Salary Survey Extra: Average IT salary in U.S. states

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Salary Survey Extra is a series of periodic dispatches that give added insight into the findings of our most recent Salary Survey. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

What is the IT salary landscape like in U.S. states?Home, as the saying goes, is where you hang your hypervisor. In 2016, where you live probably doesn’t have as much to do with what amount you earn, or how you make your living, as used to be the case. A few decades back, employment more or less determined where a worker would buy a home, and most people lived within a stone’s throw of the company time clock.

Given recent advances in transportation, as well as the explosive evolution of workplace technology, workers have more options when it comes to setting down roots, be they long-term roots or something less permanent. Many jobs can be done remotely, many companies have offices in numerous different locations, and employees are far less likely to settle in with a single employer for the duration of their professional career.

Hence, looking at average annual salary by U.S. state doesn’t have the same import that it perhaps used to have. There are probably pockets of high IT salary in every state in America. With the world becoming increasingly overspread by computer technology every day, it’s certainly the case that there are jobs for technologists in every state.

We can make that last statement with a high degree of confidence, since our 2015 Salary Survey attracted participation from all 50 state and the District of Columbia. (Of the more than 11,700 people to take the survey, roughly 42 percent live and work in the United States.) We’ll use this space next week to get to some of the results of our more recently conducted Project Management Salary Survey. For now, here’s a look at the IT salary landscape of America:

1. Maryland — $130,930
2. Washington, D.C. — $129,790
3. Virginia — $128,570
4. California — $123,130
5. Massachusetts — $123,060
6. Connecticut — $119,460
7. Colorado — $117,350
8. Hawaii — $117,330
9. Texas — $117,000
10. New Hampshire — $115,540
11. New York — $115,350
12. Oregon — $115,140
13. New Jersey — $114,700
14. Pennsylvania — $112,450
15. Nebraska — $111,960
16. Alaska — $111,060
17. Idaho — $110,330
18. Wisconsin — $110,230
19. Georgia — $109,010
20. Utah — $108,220
21. Washington — $107,720
22. Florida — $107,520
23. Minnesota — $106,020
24. Missouri — $105,590
25. Illinois — $105,210
26. Alabama — $104,670
27. Arkansas — $104,640
28. North Carolina — $104,130
29. Arizona — $103,930
30. Ohio — $103,040
31. West Virginia — $102,790
32. Kansas — $102,740
33. Montana — $101,830
34. Vermont — $101,540
35. Nevada — $100,720
36. Wyoming — $100,320
37. North Dakota — $100,170
38. Indiana — $99,890
39. Michigan — $99,240
40. South Dakota — $97,110
41. Louisiana — $95,300
42. Tennessee — $95,270
43. South Carolina — $94,830
44. New Mexico — $90,850
45. Kentucky — $90,250
46. Iowa — $88,100
47. Oklahoma — $87,360
48. Maine — $79,330
49. Mississippi — $78,500
50. Rhode Island — $76,270
51. Delaware — $75,420

 THE ART OF WAR  Does it ever seem like surely we must have gotten to the end of our Not-So-Serious Salary Survey questions?  That day will come, but it’s not happening yet. So we know that among a certain segment of what the cool kids call “the IT crowd,” there’s a deep love for the game Warcraft and its many offshoots.

Now summer is nearly here, and the big Warcraft movie that some folks have been waiting all their lives to see will open June 10. (It sometimes seems like it’s been that long, doesn’t it, fellas?) Accordingly, this feels like the right moment to document the various levels of anticipation regarding the movie among certified IT pros. Back at the end of 2015, the first trailer for Warcraft was relatively fresh, so we asked how everybody was feeling about seeing the finished product.

Here’s what learned:

What is the IT salary landscape like in U.S. states?Warcraft is for nerds. — 27.2 percent
I’ll see it. Fun summer blockbuster. — 22.6 percent
I’ll see it. When hell freezes over. — 18.1 percent
I’d rather go on a raid. — 11.5 percent
Did we learn nothing from that thing about Doom with The Rock? — 10.4 percent
I’ll see it. This is payback for that movie with Jennifer Lawrence I had to watch. — 5.2 percent
Looks awesome. I already pre-ordered the Blu-ray on Amazon. — 2.8 percent
We got this instead of the Neill Blomkamp Halo movie, huh? — 2.2 percent

Original question: What is your reaction to the trailer for the new Warcraft movie?

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