Salary Survey Extra: Average annual salary in 12 non-U.S. nations

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Salary Survey Extra is a series of periodic dispatches that give added insight into the findings of our most recent Salary Survey. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

How much do certified professionals earn in non-U.S. nations? Good question. Here's what we know.The Salary Survey, each year, tends to focus a lot of attention on conditions and circumstances in the United States. We can’t entirely escape from that, since certified IT professionals who live and work in the United States are by far the biggest contributors to the survey. Roughly 53 percent of all certified professionals to participate in the 2021 Salary Survey are U.S. residents.

There are, of course, a not inconsiderable number of certified professionals who weigh in from other countries. The problem is that most of them weigh in from separate and distinct countries. The United Kingdom, which accounted for 6.2 percent of all Salary Survey respondents, is second to the United States in terms of total representation.

That being the case, most readers can probably see why it’s hard to paint pictures, except in broad strokes, using our international survey data. Today, however, we’re going to use some of those broad strokes.

For the 2021 Salary Survey, the average annual salary of all U.S. respondents is $120,270. We can’t say how every country that produced survey responses compares. On the other hand, we do have some sizable samples other than just from U.K. certified professionals. So we took the 12 non-U.S. nations with the highest numbers of respondents, and averaged the annual salaries of all respondents from each country.

For the sake of consistency, and also because it simplifies work on the calculating and reporting end of things, we ask survey participants to report their salary in U.S. dollars. So we have two sets of numbers here: the average salary in U.S. dollars, and a converted figure based on the current rate of exchange (as of today, Nov. 11) with each of the countries represented. Take a look:

COUNTRYPercentage of All Non-U.S. Survey Respondents from this CountryAverage Annual Salary (U.S.)Average Annual Salary (Converted)
United Kingdom13.3 percent$95,270£71,404
India11.9 percent$30,640₹2,299,924
Canada11.1 percent$91,840C$117,513
Singapore5.2 percent$95,410S$130,833
Australia4.8 percent$118,430A$162,400
Germany4.1 percent$103,210€91,186
Netherlands3.3 percent$91,420€80,769
China3.2 percent$89,670¥573,260
Japan3.2 percent$84,240¥9,549,867
France2.7 percent$78,100€69,001
Brazil2.3 percent$44,470R$249,463
Romania2.2 percent$23,100lei101,011

2021 Salary Data

As we generally observe after presenting these numbers, this is ordinarily the part where we’d offer a few paragraphs or sentences of analysis. Because we’re not familiar with the cost of living in the various nations represented, however, this is one time when we have to let the numbers more or less speak for themselves.

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