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The IT industry has been on a roller coaster over the past years, with ups and downs, highs and lows. IT professionals, more so than their counterparts in other industries, have experienced dizzying changes, with unprecedented demand falling frighteningly fast.

Welcome to your world. Even though 2004 was a year of recovery, there’s still more to recover from in 2005.

On that front, we’re happy to share good news in this issue, with the results of our annual CertMag’s Salary Survey showing significant increases in the paychecks of certified professionals. The survey also identifies the hottest specialty areas (think storage) and the highest-paying credentials (think Cisco).

I won’t go into the results here; you can read all about them in the article starting on page 22 to see where you stand and/or where you’re headed.

But the survey told us more than the fact that women IT professionals on average earn more than men, even though males far outnumber females in the server rooms. With input from nearly 35,000 IT professionals in 160 countries, we also identified the issues most on your mind:



  • Not surprisingly, 82.2 percent of you are very concerned about the IT job market. That’s certainly a stat that speaks for itself, unfortunately.
  • No doubt a subset of that number, 69.3 percent of you are highly concerned about offshoring and outsourcing.
  • You know any cheating devalues all credentials; 59 percent of you are worried about that and other issues of test security.
  • Keeping up with certification is a clear concern for 70.8 percent of you who are anxious to maintain your skills and keep your credentials current through the recertification process.
  • Here’s an interesting one with a bright side: 70.6 percent are concerned about employer support for certification. You’ll see our survey this year charts growing financial support for certification from your bosses.
  • Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, the survey showed 69.4 percent of you are concerned about the future of certification. Hopefully the other 30.6 percent are confident that the IT certification industry is safe in the hands of professionals like you.


One more note before you turn the page: A thank you to the IT professionals around the world who shared their salary data to help us paint this annual picture. Not only are the results being reported here, but we’ve also updated the CertMag’s Salary Calculator at, so you can benchmark yourself with average salaries from across the ocean or around the corner.

All in all, 2004 was a better year than 2003. That certainly should give you hope for 2005.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director


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