Safe Internet Alliance Commends Administration’s New Cybersecurity Effort

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<strong>Washington &mdash; June 1 </strong><br />The <a href="" target="_blank">Safe Internet Alliance</a> applauded President Barack Obama&#39;s announcement of a major new comprehensive U.S. cybersecurity program. Leveraging both civilian and military capabilities, the program&#39;s initiatives will better enable public and private partnerships to, as President Obama said, "find technology solutions that ensure our security and promote prosperity."<br /><br />Linda Criddle, president of Safe Internet Alliance and member of InfraGard&#39;s Evergreen State Members&#39; Alliance said, "President Obama&#39;s announcement provides a timely validation for our new organization. Safe Internet&#39;s growing membership knows firsthand that cybersecurity is an enormously complex issue that touches every industry, organization, community and family. We simply cannot allow criminals and abusers to hijack and corrupt the Internet. Together we can work to bring safety and civility online, enabling everyone to confidently take advantage of the great opportunities the Internet provides.<br /><br />"As President Obama stated, &#39;We rely on the Internet to pay our bills, to bank, to shop, to file our taxes. Millions of Americans have been victimized, their privacy violated, their identities stolen, their lives upended and their wallets emptied.&#39; We can only feel comfortable performing these tasks if the cyberworld is secured," said Criddle.<br /><br />Joy Howell, a board member of Safe Internet Alliance and former director of the Office of Public Affairs of the Federal Communications Commission, praised the government&#39;s inclusive approach. "It is Safe Internet&#39;s goal to facilitate dialogue and partnerships between the administration, the public and the private sector. Cross-vertical collaboration is absolutely essential to developing the security infrastructure America needs for the 21st century. We look forward to promoting the resources, technology, best practices and conversation to help the president with this crucial task."<br /><br />Members of the Safe Internet Alliance include:<br /><br /><ul><li> The Software & Information Industry Association</li><li> WiredSafety</li><li> IdentityTheft.Info</li><li> US Internet Industry Association</li><li> League of United Latin American Citizens</li><li> National Black Chamber of Commerce</li><li> iKeep Safe Coalition</li><li> Enough is Enough</li><li> Financial Publishers Association</li><li> AT&T</li><li></li><li> Microsoft</li><li> PC Pandora</li><li> CyberPatrol</li><li> Sulake</li><li> National Beer Wholesalers Association</li><li> 60 Plus Association</li><li> 4A&#39;s (American Association of Advertising Agencies)</li><li></li><li> National Cable & Telecommunications Association</li><li> RetireSafe</li><li> Internet Security Alliance</li><li> US Telecom</li><li> Privacy Vaults Online (Privo)</li><li> Stop Child Predators</li><li> Stop Internet Predators</li><li></li><li> LOOKBOTHWAYS, Inc.</li><li> Verizon</li><li> MANA, A National Latina Organization</li><li> Consumers First</li><li> CrispThinking</li><li> Ricky Martin Foundation</li></ul>

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