Safari Books Online Releases Beta Version

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<p><strong>Sebastopol, Calif. &mdash; Aug. 22</strong><br />Safari Books Online, an on-demand reference and learning platform and a joint venture of O&#39;Reilly Media Inc. and Pearson Technology Group, has launched the beta version of its How To Database, a service that delivers step-by-step configuration and programming tutorials to IT and software-development professionals and end-users. </p><p>The beta release of the How To Database is available to  all subscribers on Safari Labs, where Safari individual<br />subscribers and selected enterprise subscribers can discover and collaborate on prototypes or betas of new features and services.<br /><br />Safari&#39;s How To Database quickly locates and delivers vetted, bite-sized, step-by-step procedures for more than 71,000 requested tasks from within thousands of Safari Books Online titles from leading publishers and authors. </p><p>Rather than sifting through pages of text to locate, for example, a procedure for creating a table in Microsoft Word or for designing an optimal SQL database schema for PHP applications, Safari subscribers can search the How To Database to accomplish the task, improve their productivity and learn skills.<br /><br />The How To Database launches initially with a collection of four brands (O&#39;Reilly Media&#39;s Hack and Cookbook series, Peachpit&#39;s Visual Quick Start Guides and Sams Teach Yourself series) and will be expanded to include more brands from the Safari Library. </p><p>The How To Database also will provide Safari subscribers with a new environment for saving and managing How To content and will include community features such as the ability to rate and review content.<br /><br />Safari Books Online created the How To Database in response to customer research, indicating subscribers often come to Safari to find answers to specific questions. </p><p>Subscribers who participated in usability testing this year were unanimous in their interest in accessing tutorial-style content quickly. </p><p>The How To Database delivers the tutorial content that is so abundantly available in Safari&#39;s content repository and exemplifies Safari&#39;s innovative approach to developing a<br />learning platform that goes beyond books to better serve its subscribers. </p><p>This new service further strengthens Safari Books Online&#39;s position as a go-to place for IT professionals. </p>

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