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<p><strong>Sebastopol, Calif. &mdash; Sept. 9</strong><br />Safari Books Online, a provider of on-demand digital libraries for technology and business professionals, announced it has expanded its collection of books from SitePoint, a media company focused on designers, developers and creative professionals. <br /><br />Included in these new offerings are SitePoint&rsquo;s first-ever reference books: The Ultimate HTML Reference by Ian Lloyd and The Ultimate CSS Reference by Tommy Olssen and Paul O&rsquo;Brien. <br /> <br />These and other SitePoint titles were developed through a unique consumer-focused approach to publishing: All of the content was put on SitePoint&rsquo;s Web site prior to the books&rsquo; publication. More than 400,000 Web professionals visited the reference sites in the first month the material was available online and left hundreds of comments that were incorporated into the books before they were published a few months later.<br /> <br />The Ultimate HTML Reference is the definitive resource for mastering HTML, focusing on and explaining its many different versions, numerous elements and attributes and varying ways that browsers interpret the program. <br /> <br />The Ultimate CSS Reference is a complete guide for CSS, including compatibility information for all major browsers, lists of useful hacks, known bugs and much more.<br /> <br />SitePoint&rsquo;s Web site is visited by more than 2 million Web professionals every month. This huge quantity of traffic gives SitePoint unique insights into the minds and day-to-day lives of these experts and helps drive SitePoint&rsquo;s book publishing program. Through analyzing the response to articles, blog posts and comment patterns in its massive online community, SitePoint is able to determine topics of interest for publication.<br /> <br />”These two new reference books are important additions to our collections,” said Matt Mickiewicz, co-founder of SitePoint. “A great deal of time and effort went into not only compiling all the information, but also testing it in numerous Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera environments so that Web developers have one-stop access to browser compatibility information on HTML and CSS.”<br /> <br />”SitePoint is a company that shares our belief in the value of user participation in creating digital content,” said Mark Brokering, director of content management and acquisition for Safari Books Online. </p><p>”They have grown rapidly by engaging their customers in the selection of topics and the development of book content, and their unique publishing model ensures that the books they create meet real needs of the Web community.”<br /></p>

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