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These questions are based on EXE-101 – ITIL Foundation Certification in IT Service Management Version 3 (Continued)
Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Roles.
Sub-objective: Account for the role and responsibilities of the Process owner and Service owner.

Single answer, multiple-choice

Which role is responsible for continual improvement of the service?

  1. Service Manager.
  2. CSI Manager.
  3. Service Owner.
  4. Process Owner.

C. Service Owner.

The Service Owner role is responsible for continual improvement of the service. The Service Owner role is attached to a specific service and is accountable for that service. Some key responsibilities of the Service Owner role are providing input into Continual Service Improvement (CSI), representing a specific service across the organization, representing the service in the Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, escalating major incidents and providing input into service attributes.

The Service Manager role is responsible for management, development, implementation and evaluation of current and new services.

The CSI Manager role is responsible for the successful implementation of improvement plans and activities.

The Process Owner is responsible for monitoring and improving a process. Some key responsibilities of the Process Owner role are providing inputs to any improvement plans, handling issues with a current process, documenting the process, defining and reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs) and managing resources.

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