RMU Offers IT Project Management M.S. Program

Although the ability to manage projects is important in many different industries, perhaps none have seen such a substantial increase in its significance in recent years as IT, said Professor John Turchek of Robert Morris University (RMU) in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“Projects are not unique to any one industry,” he said. “There are professionals in every industry that have to manage projects. We in the IT area are no different. We develop information systems in a project environment. If there’s ever been a discipline that must master project management, it’s definitely ours.”

Project management, until recently, was seldom—if at all—a part of computer science curricula at colleges. Conversely, most project management curricula at universities focus on fields like engineering, construction and the military, but not IT. To help bridge the gap, Turchek and others developed the master of science in information technology project management degree program at RMU.

“What we’ve done, in essence, is focus in on the Project Management Body of Knowledge, but we wanted to use information technology not only as the target for these, but also the vehicle to get across the Project Management Body of Knowledge,” Turchek said. “This is where other programs typically do not go. They’ll introduce project management concepts in a construction or engineering environment, something that is not IT.”

The RMU information technology project management master’s program, which is classroom-based, requires 30 course credits, including 18 credits of IT project management (ITPM) core courses and 12 credits in…



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