Right Management Introduces Outplacement

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<p><strong>Philadelphia &mdash; April 24</strong><br />Right Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc., has announced a outplacement solution called RightChoice &mdash; the first outplacement service that supports individuals in transition all the way through to success.<br /><br />&quot;Right Management has established new industry standards by designing the most innovative, compassionate, and results-driven service that demonstrates an unprecedented commitment to partnership, value and social responsibility &mdash; creating a competitive advantage for organizations and individuals in transition,&quot; said Douglas J. Matthews, Right Management&nbsp; president and chief operating officer.</p><p>Right Management conducted rigorous market research in developing RightChoice.&nbsp; </p><p>This included a global satisfaction survey by International Communications Research of more than 21,000 outplacement candidates in 19 countries, as well as interviews with client organizations in numerous different industries.<br /><br />The research provided key insights into the drivers of satisfaction and criteria for success for sponsoring organizations and outplacement candidates, including:<br /></p><ul><li>Organizations are seeking fewer and deeper outplacement partners that are capable of delivering on results &mdash; rather than focusing on the outplacement process &mdash; and providing greater accountability by sharing the investment in achieving successful outcomes for separated employees.</li><li>Outplacement candidates want to choose the ways their services are delivered, accessed and expand their networks through making new connections to gain a competitive edge in a difficult employment market.</li></ul><p>RightChoice is the most personalized approach to outplacement available today, distinguished from all others by Right Management&#39;s results-based accountability and continuing investment in candidates&#39; transition success.<br /><br />&quot;Since 86 percent of outplacement candidates remain in their same communities after they have been separated, organizations want to do the right thing for their former employees and ensure positive relationships are maintained should they want to hire them back in the future,&quot; Matthews said. &quot;With RightChoice, organizations can increase separated employees&#39; opportunities to find the best new jobs or next careers the fastest with the least disruption.&quot; <br /><br />It has become more essential than ever for organizations to maintain their reputations and brands for consumers, investors, and current and future employees.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;The talent shortage has made it more important for organizations to stand out from their competitors,&quot; Matthews said. &quot;Corporate image and reputation are critical differentiators in competing for qualified employees. With RightChoice, an organization&#39;s sincere concern for their separated employees&#39; careers is both visible and tangible.&quot; </p>

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