Retain Your Value With Recertification

It seems as if every business article or report you see lately starts with a mention of the economic downturn. As a result, not only is having a credential of value increasingly beneficial for an IT professional, but keeping that certification current is paramount.

Yet, as purse strings tighten and head counts shrink, IT professionals must weigh the benefits of recertification with the time and money investment involved. Those considering recertification also should be aware of several key trends in the industry before taking the plunge.

To help the decision along, let’s take a look at some of the critical factors involved, including the standard preparation time, durability of the credential, date stamping, cost and requirements.

What to Look for Up-Front

When first considering a certification program, you should carefully consider the following:

Is it easy to figure out how to get certified? A Web site that is easy find, easy to understand and easy to navigate is a plus. A program that is transparent — meaning it doesn’t hide behind a firewall — is another plus. Companies should want to ensure customers and partners easily understand what skills and knowledge are being validated. This also will be useful when you return for recertification.

Check to see whether there is an up-to-date frequently asked questions (FAQ) file and an e-mail contact. Then, find out how long it takes for a program spokesperson to respond. Response time is an indicator of the quality of customer service and a 24-…



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