Resumefit Achieves Goals of a Video Resume

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<p><strong>Charlotte, N.C. &mdash; Jan. 7</strong><br />The goals of video resumes are worthy. Candidates want to differentiate themselves, and employers want to learn something about the prospective candidate&rsquo;s workplace persona and character.<br /><br />&ldquo;Many of the early video resumes have been criticized by corporations and recruiters who not only dislike the uneven content and quality, but employers concede they are ill prepared to work with video resumes,&rdquo; wrote Rusty Weston, founder and chief blogger at<br /><br />Résuméfit has developed an alternative to allow employers to gain additional valuable insight into a candidate&rsquo;s workplace persona. &ldquo;The interest in video resumes does suggest that candidates continue to search for a better way to represent themselves,&rdquo; said Tom Schmidt, Résuméfit president and founder. &ldquo;Résuméfit provides an alternative to the video resume that gives employers true value in providing insight into a candidate&rsquo;s workplace persona.&rdquo;<br /><br />This year&rsquo;s college and university graduating students can especially benefit by completing Résuméfit&rsquo;s &ldquo;next gen&rdquo; resume process. Much of what a college student brings to their prospective employer is who they are.<br /><br />Résuméfit has the ability to scientifically measure a candidate&rsquo;s 29 workplace personality traits and up to 54 workplace competencies, which give employers insight into a candidate&rsquo;s workplace persona. Résuméfit can benefit both the candidate and prospective employer by allowing candidates to better represent themselves and employers to make more well-informed candidate selection decisions.<br /><br />Candidates complete a workplace-specific assessment one time and then upload their MS Word resume. Once the data is inserted in the candidate&rsquo;s resume, the document is digitally signed using asymmetric cryptography, which is a class three code signing certificate issued by VeriSign. The digital signature gives the candidate&rsquo;s resume proof of data integrity, as well as provides the reviewer with bulletproof document alteration detection. Since the resume is in MS Word, it can be seamlessly integrated into past, present and future hiring processes. No special software or hardware is required by anyone to open and read the document. </p>

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