ResumeBear Inc. Offers Resume Tracking

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Solana Beach, Calif.
Online resume firm, ResumeBear Inc., has created a service that allows job seekers to create, manage, deliver and track their resumes into the hands of employers.

The technology allows users to either create resumes from scratch, using a step-by-step resume wizard, or to upload unlimited versions of their resumes in various formats, including PDF, MS Word, RTF or plain text. ResumeBear said college students, those new to resume writing or even experienced professionals will appreciate the user-friendly resume wizard. It offers templates with various fonts and colors. Users are able to add a photo or include links to online portfolios.

Upon applying for a position, members will e-mail a professional online cover letter to the prospective employer, without attachments, with a link to their online-hosted resume. ResumeBear said it promises cover letters have been specially-formatted to bypass all spam filters.

The company boasts its most innovative feature of the ResumeBear service is the Tracking Tool, which informs users, via text message or e-mail, immediately when their resume is opened. The technology allows users to know who opened their resume, for how long, if it was printed and who the resume may have been forwarded to.

“We are proud to offer job seekers the most cutting-edge online resume tools available to help them find the career of their dreams,” said Eric Huard, president of ResumeBear Inc. “We not only excel at helping our customers create resumes that will grab the attention of employers, but we also provide them with the technology needed to proactively conduct an effective employment search.”

Each user is assigned his or her own personalized administrative panel to organize contacts, create various campaigns, manage different versions of their resume and view tracking results.

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