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Building a resume seems simple enough, but when you actually sit down to do so, it’s possible to draw a blank. More difficult is figuring out how to target your resume toward a specific desired outcome or tailor it for better success.

Members of our discussion forums recently saw fit to conduct an impromptu resume advice session. It started with junior member dsa1971 posting: “I’ve been working on my resume and am looking for some good IT resume examples to help me with my resume, preferably examples for programmers and analysts. Any links to some examples would be great.”

Regular forum contributor Wayne Anderson responded with a lengthy breakdown of this subject:

“A solid resume is indispensible in being able to properly represent yourself to potential employers. The good news is that because of how critical this is to each professional, the Internet provides a wealth of information and resources on how to guide your career materials.

Monster’s Basics: This provides basic tips on building a technical resume and using it to stand out from the pile to get the interview. If you are new to resumes or looking to brush up your resume-writing skills and concepts because it has been a while, this is a good place to start conceptually.

Microsoft’s Resume Template: Obviously 100,001 candidates are using the templates posted here. Use these as a starting point and customize them from there to stand out from the crowd. Do not be afraid…

Daniel Margolis


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