Research Uncovers New Trends in Outplacement

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<p><strong>Philadelphia &mdash; June 28&nbsp;</strong><br />Organizations&#39; changing needs are driving a new direction in outplacement today, including outplacement service that stays connected with individuals through to career success and is aligned with the employer&#39;s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), according to research by Right Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc.<br /><br />&quot;Organizations are seeking a new outplacement model that creates a shared partnership between employer and provider and satisfies a growing demand to demonstrate elevated socially responsible and compassionate behavior,&quot; said Douglas J. Matthews, Right Management president and chief operating officer. &quot;Employers are seeking outplacement partners that share a greater sense of social responsibility and moral obligation to support separated employees through to successful outcomes.&quot; </p><p>Matthews stated that a recent poll validated 85 percent of organizations consider CSR a critical component in the selection of an outplacement service and partner.<br /><br />Right Management also surveyed client organizations in numerous industries and more than 21,000 outplacement candidates in 19 countries to uncover key insights into the criteria for success for sponsoring organizations and outplacement candidates.&nbsp; </p><p>This research was critical in Right Management&#39;s development of RightChoice, an innovative, global outplacement service that supports individuals all the way through to transition success.<br /><br />According to Right Management&#39;s research, organizations want outplacement services that:<br /></p><ul><li>Are aligned socially and ethically with their own core values.</li><li>Stay connected with individuals in transition through to achieving successful career objectives &mdash; whether securing a new job, starting a business or exploring work-life options.</li><li>Give candidates more choices about how their services are accessed and delivered, enabling personalized approaches to achieving the goals of both the organization and employee.</li><li>Engage separated employees more quickly, so there is a faster connection between their departures and the start of their outplacement service.</li><li>Focus more on results rather than on the outplacement process.</li><li>Provide more-specific data on displaced employees and more-meaningful measurements of candidate success.</li></ul><p>&quot;Client demand &mdash; reinforced through our research &mdash; led us to create and introduce RightChoice, a breakthrough outplacement solution that offers more choices, connections, and results to employers and employees alike,&quot; Matthews said. &quot;RightChoice enables organizations to provide displaced employees with an unprecedented level of support while more deeply fulfilling their commitment to social responsibility.&quot; </p><p>Right Management&#39;s research also found that 86 percent of displaced workers remain in their same communities after they have left their organizations.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Helping individuals address change aligns with organizations&#39; own core values about how to treat people,&quot; Matthews said. &quot;Employers want to help their former employees transition to successful career objectives fastest with the least disruption possible.&quot;</p>

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