Report Explores Successful Competency Implementations by Steelcase and Eastman Chemical

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<strong>Atkins, Va. &mdash; Feb. 28</strong><br />TEDS Inc., originator of the fully integrated enterprise-wide talent management solution, announced <br />the availability of a new and comprehensive research study, &ldquo;Competencies: Gateway to Integrated Talent Management.&rdquo; The study, conducted by Bersin & Associates, explores the foundational and critical role that competencies play in optimal talent management.<br /><br />In the study, Bersin & Associates Senior Analyst Kim Lamoureux presents best practices for implementation of competency management initiatives within an organization in order to provide a solid foundation for talent management. Lamoureux defines the different types of competencies, demonstrates how each type is used and explores the role competencies play in recruiting, learning, performance management and succession planning. Detailed research findings demonstrate how effective competency management can lead directly to improved talent management and enhanced business performance.<br /><br />Within the larger study are important case studies on competency management implementations by TEDS customers Steelcase and Eastman Chemical. In the case studies, these industry-leading companies share their strategies for developing, prioritizing and managing leadership and functional competencies that are critical to honing a competitive edge.<br /><br />Key elements of this study were presented in a recent TEDS-sponsored Webinar, attended by approximately 1,000 participants. The study is now available for free download at<br /><br />"The TEDS talent management suite operates from a central data repository for all modules and employs a common architecture throughout," said Joe Ellis, TEDS&#39; founder and CEO. "Therefore, competency management can easily become a solid foundation for all other aspects of talent management, from learning to succession planning. I believe this study will be of interest and value to all organizations, whether they are just beginning their journey toward talent management or are well on their way." <br />

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