Remote Backup Systems Releases Public Beta of RBackup v10

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<strong>Memphis, Tenn. &mdash; April 22</strong><br />Remote Backup Systems Inc. (RBS), a provider of online backup technology, announced the release of the Public Beta of version 10 of its award-winning RBackup Online Backup Software. <br /><br />VARs and MSPs use RBackup to offer Online Backup Services to their customers, hosting the online backup Server in their own offices or data centers. <br /><br />"Version 10 has been re-engineered with the future in mind," explained Rob Cosgrove, CEO. "Behind the scenes is a newly redesigned framework that can take advantage of the best features of today&#39;s Windows operating systems, with a concentration on extensibility and scalability to thousands of clients per server." <br /><br />The new framework will make it easier to add new features to the software in the future, making it possible for new plug-ins to be added by Remote Backup Systems and their technology partners. <br /><br />Upgrades in RBackup version 10 include a new and improved Open Files Agent capable of backing up open and locked files on all versions of MS Windows from Windows 2000 up to 2008 Server, including workstations, servers, domain controllers, Vista and 64 bit operating systems, system files and databases. The version 10 OFA does not require VSS. <br /><br />Version 10 also supports brick-level backups and restores of open Exchange 2003 and 2007 databases, and live backups of SQL Server and MS Outlook. <br /><br />At the same time, RBS announced the availability of its RBS/SQL PlugIn, which allows the RBS Server to use MS SQL as a back end, significantly increasing its capacity and speed for large installations of 250 clients and higher. <br /><br />RBS also announced the availability of its new Automatic Registration System (ARS), a configurable Web-based registration system for RBackup that accepts credit cards, builds custom installers and deploys the RBackup Client software online from a single, convenient Web page. <br />

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