RegistryPro/NCC Group Partnership Ensures Continued Security of .Pro Top-Level Domain

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<strong>Chicago &mdash; Feb. 25</strong><br />RegistryPro, operator of the .Pro top-level domain (TLD), announced it has entered a new data escrow partnership with NCC Group Inc. to secure critical .Pro registration information.<br /> <br />"NCC Group has an outstanding reputation and offered us a completely scalable and accessible solution," said Catherine Sigmar, general manager of RegistryPro. "With this partnership, customers are assured that RegistryPro is committed to securing their information according to the industry&#39;s best practices."<br /> <br />The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), requires TLD registries such as RegistryPro to store highly secure copies of registrant data by depositing incremental backups with third-party data escrow providers such as NCC Group. RegistryPro and NCC Group finalized the agreement in January.<br /> <br />Under the agreement, RegistryPro uses high-level encryption to transfer its registry data securely over the Internet to NCC Group&#39;s servers on a daily schedule. NCC Group then verifies the format and consistency of the registry information in accordance with ICANN&rsquo;s requirements and safely stores the registry information in its data centers, guaranteeing its availability to ICANN if necessary.<br /> <br />&ldquo;NCC Group is excited to be providing escrow solutions for RegistryPro, their clients and ICANN,&rdquo; said Craig Motta, North American General Manager for NCC Group. &ldquo;By establishing a comprehensive escrow solution with NCC Group, RegistryPro is clearly demonstrating their commitment to supporting their customers&rsquo; operations. The key benefit of this escrow solution is that it gives peace of mind to their customers that in the unlikely event that RegistryPro is unable to support them, RegistryPro has done everything necessary to insure the ongoing, efficient operation of their registry. In knowing that this critical contingency has been covered, it leaves RegistryPro to concentrate on their core business.&rdquo;<br /> <br />The .Pro TLD is reserved for credentialed professionals who must meet confidentiality obligations when communicating online. RegistryPro, the first registry to issue domains with bundled digital certificates and online passports, continually finds ways to support these obligations with innovative security measures that make .Pro the TLD of choice for the professional community.<br />

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