RegistryPro/NCC Group Partnership Ensures Continued Security of .Pro Top-Level Domain

<strong>Chicago &mdash; Feb. 25</strong><br />RegistryPro, operator of the .Pro top-level domain (TLD), announced it has entered a new data escrow partnership with NCC Group Inc. to secure critical .Pro registration information.<br /> <br />"NCC Group has an outstanding reputation and offered us a completely scalable and accessible solution," said Catherine Sigmar, general manager of RegistryPro. "With this partnership, customers are assured that RegistryPro is committed to securing their information according to the industry&#39;s best practices."<br /> <br />The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), requires TLD registries such as RegistryPro to store highly secure copies of registrant data by depositing incremental backups with third-party data escrow providers such as NCC Group. RegistryPro and NCC Group finalized the agreement in January.<br /> <br />Under the agreement, RegistryPro uses high-level encryption to transfer its registry data securely over the Internet to NCC Group&#39;s servers on a daily schedule. NCC Group then verifies the format and consistency of the registry information in accordance with ICANN&rsquo;s requirements and safely stores the registry information in its data centers, guaranteeing its availability to ICANN if necessary.<br /> <br />&ldquo;NCC Group is excited to be providing escrow solutions for RegistryPro, their clients and ICANN,&rdquo; said Craig Motta, North American General Manager for NCC Group. &ldquo;By establishing a comprehensive escrow solution with NCC Group, RegistryPro is clearly demonstrating their commitment to supporting their customers&rsquo; operations. The key benefit of this escrow solution is that it gives peace of mind to their customers that in the unlikely event that RegistryPro is…



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