Red Hat Offers New Foundational Course

Linux solutions provider Red Hat has introduced a new entry-level course designed for the large number of IT professionals who want to familiarize themselves with the open-source operating system. Peter Childers, vice president of global learning services, Red Hat, said that recent increases in the number of participants on both the low and the high ends of his organization’s certification spectrum attested to the rising demand for Linux credentials and training—hence, Red Hat’s new RH035: Red Hat Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals course.

“We’re seeing growth at the entry level of curriculum, which is what the RH035 course is all about. It’s growth in that entry-level market of people coming into Red Hat Enterprise Linux without any prior Linux or UNIX experience and, particularly, coming in with Windows professional experience,” Childers said. “They are system admins, network admins and Microsoft Certified Professionals of one kind or another. They are a growing percentage of our inbound participants. The initial goal for anybody who doesn’t have any prior Linux or UNIX experience is the Red Hat Certified Technician credential, which is sort of a halfway point on your way to Red Hat Certified Engineer, our flagship.”

The first day of the five-day program is designed to conceptually and technically transition Windows professionals by utilizing their own familiarity with the OS to the environments, capabilities and issues they will confront when they administer Linux systems. During the next four days, participants delve further into Linux skills such as the command…



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