Red Hat and IBM Partner to Promote Open Source

Red Hat and IBM have joined forces to spread their love of Linux to university students around the world, company officials announced. The new program is a framework for a collaboration between the IBM Academic Initiative and Red Hat Academy, said Page Gravely, director of global education services at Red Hat.

“This is really just an extension of our partnership worldwide focused specifically on academic institutions,” he said. “We both have these curriculum and training programs for students that we now want to try to tag together to provide a tighter career cluster track for learning Linux and open-source skills.”

The two organizations will work with together to deliver their combined offerings to several schools out of IBM’s hundreds of university partners and come up with a special price for subscription to their programs. “Since our Academy curriculum is designed for academic students—it’s a full turnkey Linux curriculum for universities and high schools—they would like to see some of their university partners incorporate and adopt this program,” Gravely said. “We created the only 100 percent Web-delivered Linux curriculum that’s designed on a performance-based framework, similar to our certification track. It also allows schools, if they want, to offer our certification exams as part of the assessment of the students’ understanding of this curriculum.”

“If they take and pass the exam, we issue them the Red Hat certification, and all of the value and benefits that come with that,” he added. “The appeal of certification exams is…



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