Recruiting Trend: Technology Bridges the Gap for Employers and Job Candidates

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<strong>Waltham, Mass. </strong><br />Technology increasingly helps bridge the gap between company (or recruiter) and potential new employee (or candidate). Within the last 10 years, technology has reshaped the staffing and recruiting industry. Between the rapid advancement of handheld technology and interactive Web applications, instant communication is now the norm.<br /><br />For recruiters, real-time, Web-based applicant tracking systems have combined with customer relationship management systems enabling access to candidate and client information everywhere and all the time. Features of these systems include robust search and matching capabilities; e-mail and calendaring; client and candidate tracking; and job order, placement and timecard management systems. From feedback on candidates from hiring managers before they have even left the lobby to a deal being brokered from a home office at 9 p.m., instant communication has recruiters on the clock 24 hours a day.<br /><br />In a candidate-driven market, it&#39;s imperative for organizations to be able to move quickly on the right candidate. Technology not only helps streamline the process, but is instrumental in uncovering passive candidates. "We have never been busier in terms of identifying, interviewing and matching candidates with the right opportunities," explained Dave Sanford, executive vice president at Winter, Wyman, one of the top staffing firms in the Northeast. "Each advance in technology allows us to speed up the process and gain more momentum, saving time, money and getting applicants in front of clients more quickly."<br /><br />Another recent trend benefiting candidates and customers is the increased use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Spoke, Ryze and Facebook. These sites facilitate the expansion of one&#39;s personal and professional network, thereby being a natural fit for passive job hunting. Employers also are using the same sites to conduct informal reference checks by combing through the information posted on profiles.<br /><br />Although technology has made it easier for companies and candidates to find each other, recruiters still fill a large void in matchmaking and quality control. As a recruiter, it&#39;s still about finding the right talent as opposed to the available talent. Employers themselves are now expert at using online tools and job boards to uncover active candidates, but still turn to recruiters to uncover passive candidates &mdash; and technology, as well as good old fashioned headhunting, is making that task easier.<br />

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