Recon-X Adds Persistency to Hummingbird Exceed and ReflectionX

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<strong>Sunnyvale, Calif. &mdash; May 8</strong><br />StarNet Communications, a developer of Windows-to-Linux/UNIX connectivity solutions, announced the release of Recon-X, a low-cost add-on product that vastly improves the functionality of Hummingbird Exceed and Attachmate&#39;s ReflectionX, the two most widely used Unix/Linux host-access solutions deployed at large corporate enterprises.<br /><br />Recon-X gives Exceed and ReflectionX users the ability to suspend and resume their X server sessions, reconnect to sessions on a remote Unix/Linux host after a Windows, power or network failure and move sessions from one PC to another. No upgrade of the PC X server is required as Recon-X works with Exceed and ReflectionX releases issued in the past 10 years.<br /><br />Thanks to data compression, Recon-X also vastly boosts performance when connecting to remote Unix & Linux hosts over slow Internet connections. Because Recon-X tunnels sessions over strongly encrypted SSH connections, Recon-X also provides unmatched user authentication and data security.<br /><br />This past fall, StarNet announced X-Win32 LIVE, the first fully featured PC X server offering session persistency, allowing Windows users to disconnect their PC from the network while their remote sessions continue to run on the Unix and Linux host. With Recon-X, StarNet is making the persistency available for users of Exceed and ReflectionX, as well.<br /><br />"When we developed our LIVE functionality, we realized that no matter how revolutionary, not all Exceed and ReflectionX customers would be able to migrate to X-Win32 LIVE. Recon-X allows enterprises that are deeply invested in Exceed or ReflectionX to both protect and enhance those investments," said Steven Schoch, StarNet co-founder and chief executive officer. "Recon-X provides the vast installed base of Exceed and ReflectionX users the simplest and most cost-effective means to improve their productivity through session persistency."<br /><br />Recon-X consists of two components:<br /><br /><ul><li>The Recon-X Client, a small Windows-based client that interfaces with the Exceed and ReflectionX PC X servers. Recon-X allows users to create multiple sessions on remote Unix and Linux servers. A simple user interface shows which sessions are running and which have been suspended. Simple "Suspend" and "Resume" buttons allow users to bring up or suspend any of their remote sessions. </li><li>The LIVE Server, a component that is installed on the Linux or Unix host that keeps sessions running when users suspend their sessions on the PC or when a Windows, power or network crash occurs. LIVE server installation packages are available for root and non-root installations. Supported Unix and Linux platforms include 32 and 64-bit Linux distributions, Solaris (sparc & x86), IBM AIX and HP-UX.</li></ul><br />Recon-X vastly improves end-user productivity, especially when connecting over slow Internet connections. Even over 56K modems, Recon-X allows Exceed and ReflectionX to work productively. Users with Wi-Fi, DSL or Cable connections usually experience LAN-like performance.<br /><br />In addition to suspend/resume and crash recovery, Recon-X also allows provides session mobility. When setting up an identical Recon-X session on a second PC, users can start a remote Unix/Linux application on one PC, suspend it and resume the session on a second machine, even from home.<br /><br />Recon-X for Exceed and ReflectionX starts at $150 in volume 1-10. Additional volume discounts are available, as well as special pricing programs for government and educational institutions. <br />

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