Re-Entering the Job Market

You left the IT profession a while ago, perhaps to raise a family, take a sabbatical or care for a relative, and now you’re ready to return. You’re excited about getting back into the workforce but also recognize it might not be easy. With no recent work experience, you wonder whether you’ll even receive responses from employers, let alone attractive job offers.

Although re-entering the job market might have its share of challenges (as all employment searches can), it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Taking steps to prepare for your transition and enhance your marketability can greatly affect your chances of securing a new IT position. Here are five critical steps to take:

1. Self-audit your skills. It doesn’t take long for technology expertise to become outdated, so make sure your talents are still in demand. Reading publications such as this one is a great way to learn of developments that have taken place since you left the profession and can help you identify any weaknesses that might affect your chances of finding a job.

As you evaluate your assets and liabilities, don’t forget to take into account any abilities you have gained during your time away from IT. For example, you might have developed leadership and communication skills serving as the head of a school parent-teacher association or become an expert in multitasking and team building through volunteer work. The knowledge and experience derived from such endeavors are valuable, regardless of whether you were…



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