Re-Energizing a Stale Job Search

Today’s economic conditions have made the job market more competitive. But when days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, your frustration can grow and your enthusiasm and motivation can wane. Instead of allowing yourself to fall victim to inertia, take a close look at your job-search process to determine where you could make improvements. Here are a few suggestions:

•  Revisit old possibilities. Think about any employment interviews you’ve had. Although you didn’t receive an offer, if the meeting went well, there’s a possibility the door has not closed completely. While many businesses are tightening their belts in this economy, some continue to hire, and those could include companies that you’ve met with already.

Also, the person hired for a position you applied for may not have worked out. Contact the hiring managers you interviewed with to express your continued interest and to find out if any new openings exist. You never know what may have changed since you were last in touch.

•  Widen your search. Chances are you’ve turned to the Internet for job leads. If so, surf beyond the bigger sites. These job boards may contain the most listings, but the postings you find often aren’t as targeted as ones from Web sites that focus on a specific industry or geographic area. Reading technology publications or perusing online message boards can clue you in to the hottest specialties and growing segments of IT.

Also, don’t make the mistake of looking at only those positions that…



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