RapideL-i Overcomes Crucial Challenges in Project Management

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<strong>March 12</strong><br />RapideL-i, the online rapid e-learning content authoring solution, has overcome some crucial challenges in courseware development and project management. It has been felt by the content development community that there is a pressing need for efficient project management. Also, cyclic review processes are time-consuming wherein effective tracking and issue resolutions are the toughest challenges. This has been a major hindrance in courseware development projects where the time-to-market for e-learning is short. <br /><br />RapideL-i has been enabled with a powerful review mechanism that helps in managing such project management challenges effortlessly. <br /><br />The review mechanism of RapideL-i allows reviewers to post issues on the published courses, assign issues to respective stakeholders and track and manage these issues. Hence project managers and SMEs can monitor, track and provide feedback on courses at the screen level down to the asset level. RapideL-i ensures complete control over the development quality, facilitates SME communication with the development team, aids analysis and tracking of issues, saves communication time and helps to deliver in time with desired quality. The best part of this feature is that a reviewer need not own a subscription to the tool. The course creator can send an external link to the reviewer, and the reviewer can post his comments and issues to the course. <br /><br />The companies&rsquo; experience in creating more than 15,000 hours of e-learning has helped them identify some grave challenges in e-learning development, and they have made every effort to overcome these challenges. RapideL-i has been enabled with an extremely powerful mechanism for review and project management. Internal studies show that RapideL-i cuts iteration cycles by nearly 70 percent, saves more than 50-60 percent development time and cuts SME review time by more than 40 percent, thereby providing a truly "rapid" development mechanism with an extremely high return on investment. <br />

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