RapideL-i Armed With 100 New E-Learning Templates

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<strong>April 28</strong><br />RapideL-i, the online rapid e-learning tool developed by Brainvisa, has been updated to include a host of new features and a library of 50 Flash-based and 50 HTML-based templates. <br /><br />The new library has been designed based on sound instructional design practices and are high in learning value and graphic appeal. These new preprogrammed interactivities have been created with the dual objective of providing high learning value to the course and at the same time making it simple to use for the course creator. The templates may be used to create an engaging experience for the learner, be it in a presentation, an assessment, a game-based learning module or even a certification. <br /><br />The templates of RapideL-i have been built based on sound instructional design patterns with that one can add content to simple forms without the need to focus on design layouts, integration or deployment complexities. <br /><br />On the other hand, RapideL-i also provides a WYSISYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML template that owns the power of flexibility in design and formatting. The blank template allows users to add free flowing text, copy images and layout the page as they like. This means greater ability to customize courses and control over every little detail of the course. RapideL-i also allows addition of images, audio, animations and movies to the courses.<br /> <br />The new library of templates also enables users to change the look of a learning screen by allowing them to create custom backgrounds or wallpapers. This feature can be applied to various learning screens which allows a variety in terms of colors, textures and other graphical elements. This enables complete control on the look of the course output. With this feature, users can now create courses that are radically different in the way they look. Along with this, the player of the course, too, can be customized as per one&rsquo;s need. Users can also add a logo to the player to brand the courses.<br /> <br />Apart from the ability to create Flash and HTML courses with this one application, some other interesting features that will soon be added include the PowerPoint to Flash converter and MS Excel porting to create large volumes of courses offline in a short time span. <br />

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