RapideL Enhance 3.1 Helps Deliver Training

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<p><strong>Pune, India &mdash; July 23 </strong><br />5K Consultancy Group, responsible for developing the 5K methodology for business success and leadership training, has selected RapideL Enhance 3.1 to develop its customized, media-rich sound courseware for clients and consultancy partners.<br /><br />The 5K Consultancy group is a worldwide group that inspires and helps entrepreneurs and their organizations with the 5K method designed by entrepreneur, speaker, author, sparring partner and coach Jean-Paul Close. </p><p>With a target audience ranging from small- to large-scale enterprises, 5K specializes in training these organizations in their methodology to bring in success in market leadership and management. <br /><br />Keeping up with market needs has led 5K to introduce e-learning as a means to train its globally dispersed audience and consultancy partners.&nbsp; </p><p>To achieve this, 5K was on the look out for a tool that was easy to use and would help subject-matter experts to create instructionally sound e-learning without the need for programming.&nbsp; </p><p>After having tried RapideL Enhance 3.1 just once, the tool was selected.<br /><br />The 5K Consultancy Group will benefit from the enhanced template library of RapideL Enhance 3.1 that contains instructionally sound templates that are well-categorized and high on visual appeal. </p><p>RapideL Enhance 3.1 is a rapid e-learning authoring solution that enables rapid development of courseware in Flash. </p><p>It uses the familiar and user-friendly Microsoft Word as its authoring environment. </p><p>RapideL Enhance 3.1 comes with a review mechanism, which cuts down iteration time.<br /><br />RapideL Enhance 3.1 enables creation of highly customized and interactive courses quickly, that allows making rapid changes in content and updating the courses whenever required. </p><p>The end result is faster development, higher learning value, reduced time to market and quick ROI.</p>

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