RapideL Discover Overcomes Challenges in Design

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<p><strong>Pune, India &mdash; June 18</strong><br />It has been observed through Brainvisa&#39;s research that one of the gravest challenges faced in the use of rapid e-learning methodologies is control over the look and feel of the course output. </p><p>Instructional designers, subject-matter experts and graphic artists have expressed their need for flexibility in design with templates that various tools provide.&nbsp; </p><p>Also, large corporations and even educational institutions need to adhere to their brand guideline while creating e-learning.<br /><br />Brainvisa&#39;s RapideL Discover allows subject-matter experts and instructional designers to create e-learning rapidly, using the easy and familiar Microsoft Word as the authoring interface. </p><p>The tool has a set of pre-defined templates that ensure instructional soundness of the course output while providing flexibility in design. </p><p>RapideL Discover enables users to change the look of a learning screen by allowing them to create custom backgrounds or wallpapers. </p><p>This feature can be applied to every learning screen, which allows a variety in terms of colors, textures and other graphical elements. </p><p>This enables complete control on the look of the course output. With this feature, users can create courses that are radically different in the way the look. </p><p>Along with this, the player of the course too can be designed as per ones need. Users also can add a logo to the player to brand the courses.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Being e-learning creators ourselves, we understand the requirements of the community, and we continue to strive to overcome every challenge,&quot; said Regy Pillai, RapideL product manager. &quot;Our experience and research have clearly outlined e-learning output design as a major factor why the community refrains from rapid e-learning tools. Our objective is to provide users with the flexibility in graphical design and at the same time, provide templates for a truly rapid experience. &quot; </p>

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