Radio Frequency Identification Skills Needed


A recently released report titled “North American RFID Markets for Automotive and Aerospace & Industrial Manufacturing” from the research firm Frost & Sullivan projects that over the next six years, the market in manufacturing and management for radio frequency identification (RFID) will have an annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent.

According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the IT industry is not ready to meet with that need. More than 75 percent of technology companies responding to a CompTIA survey said there is not a sufficient pool of talent in RFID technology from which to hire and that the lack of skilled labor will hamper the adoption of RFID technology.

To counteract this deficit in skill, CompTIA created an RFID certification program in 2006, and the association reports that response to the certification has been good, as evidenced by the growing number of training programs tied to CompTIA RFID+.

David Sommer, CompTIA vice president of e-business and software solutions, said the need for skilled labor in RFID is being met in different ways in various quarters of the industry.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen training in RFID technology added to the technology curriculum at a growing number of academic institutions and commercial training providers,” Sommer said. “The commercial training providers typically are offering courses lasting between one and five days, while universities and colleges are offering even longer courses in RFID.”

Sommer cited an example of this at Oakton…



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