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Anywhere Software has released Basic4ppc v. 6.5, a simple but powerful software development environment for programmers who wish to create applications for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices, as well as the Windows desktop.

Basic4ppc is designed for both first-time and experienced software developers. The program’s WYSIWYG visual designer makes it easy to build your application’s GUI. Place a control on the form, resize it, drag it to where it belongs and fine-tune its properties.

Once you have the graphical interface set up properly, it’s easy to add code, test it interactively and build a complex, user-friendly application. The application that you build can be compiled to run on the Pocket PC, as well as XP and Vista, all from a single body of code.

Basic4ppc includes both a desktop IDE and a mobile device IDE, allowing you to write your code directly on the mobile device.

Although it costs a fraction of the price of other mobile software development environments, Basic4ppc is not just for beginners or hobbyists. Basic4ppc includes comprehensive libraries such as GPS, Network, Database (SQL), Serial ports, FTP, HTTP (web services), Graphics, Pocket Outlook and many more. These built-in libraries allow even inexperienced programmers to create sophisticated applications that run on both mobile devices and the Windows desktop.

New features in v. 6.5 include the ability to divide large development projects into smaller modules and reuse code components in multiple projects. Each module can include any number of forms, controls and objects. The new tabbed interface allows you to edit each module in a separate tab. Major improvements were made to the AutoComplete feature, the Find & Replace dialogue and the management of libraries.

Anywhere Software provides prompt technical support to all licensed Basic4ppc users. In addition, the company’s active forums provide support, tips and tricks, and fresh ideas from other application developers.

Basic4ppc v. 6.5 is based on the Microsoft .NET CF (Compact Framework), ensuring compatibility with all handheld computers running a Microsoft operating system. Applications compiled with Basic4ppc may be distributed without royalties or restrictions.

To learn more about Basic4ppc, or to download a 30-day trial version, visit http://www.basic4ppc.com.

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