Questionmark Perception Now Supports SAP(r)

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<p><strong>Norwalk, Conn. &mdash; Nov. 12</strong><br />Testing and assessment software provider Questionmark announced its Questionmark(tm) Perception(tm) assessment management system now supports the SAP(r) Enterprise Learning environment.<br /><br />Users of Questionmark Perception can now utilize SAP Enterprise Learning to make Perception&#39;s sophisticated assessment authoring, delivery and reporting capabilities accessible from within the learning solution. Questionmark assessments can be assigned to learners using the SAP solution, individually or in groups. The learner can launch an assessment, with Questionmark Perception accepting the learner&#39;s ID and authentication from SAP, so that the learner doesn&#39;t have to separately log in. Upon completion, the results of the assessment are automatically entered into the SAP solution.<br /><br />”Assessments are playing an increasingly prominent role in helping organizations to recruit the right people, certify knowledge and skills, and align competencies with corporate objectives,” said Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark. “We&#39;re delighted that this support for the SAP Enterprise Learning environment will enable our customers to leverage and complement SAP&#39;s human capital management solution with Questionmark Perception&#39;s assessment management capabilities.”<br /><br />Questionmark Perception provides organizations with a comprehensive set of tools that enable creation, secure delivery and comprehensive reporting of surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Perception&#39;s distinguishing features include: workflow management; 22 question types; efficient management of large item banks; and shared content repositories that enable collaborative, distributed authoring. Institutions have the option of using the Questionmark Secure add-on for delivering high-stakes exams.<br /><br />SAP Enterprise Learning integrates business processes, content development and the delivery of learning linked to employee performance. It incorporates back-office ERP functionality with both a learning management system (LMS) and a learning content management system (LCMS), providing an enterprise learning platform capable of managing and integrating business and learning processes. It is fully integrated with the SAP ERP application and includes content authoring, content management, learning management functionality, a learning and instructor portal as well as an integrated virtual learning tool powered by Adobe Connect Professional.<br /><br />More information is available at </p>

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