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Objective: Design Elements
SubObjective: Creating, Modifying, Troubleshooting Fields


Single Answer Multiple Choice


Kim needs to create a field for an expense report form that will automatically display the current date and time when the documents are created. The information must be saved with the document and preserve the original date the document was created. What field value type should Kim use?


A. Computed
B. Date/Time field
C. Computed for display
D. Computed when composed


D. Computed when composed


When creating fields for a form or subform, you will need to specify how the field will obtain its value. For example, when creating a field for an employee name on an expense report form: the field type could be text or rich text, and defined as an editable value type for that field. Editable is a field value option that will allow entering of information by the user. The user can also change the field contents if needed.


In this scenario, the user wants the current date and time on the documents created from the expense report form to be saved with the document. A computed-when-composed value type field will accomplish this. Computed-when-composed means that the date and time will be generated only when the document is first composed or created. When you open the document for editing, the date will remain what it was when you first created the document and the value will not be editable.


The Date/Time answer is incorrect because this would allow the date and time to appear automatically.


A computed for display field recalculates each time a user opens or saves a document. The field value is not stored with the document. If you want to have a modification date on your report , then each time you open that document the modified date would change to the current date. However, the information is not stored with the document and it is not editable. The information is relevant only to the immediate session. This type field cannot be displayed in a view.


A computed field formula calculates each time a user creates, saves, or refreshes a document, unlike a computed when composed field formula which calculates only when the user first creates the document. If the Date/Time field were a computed value type, the value would change to whatever the date and time was at the time of saving or refreshing your document.


Domino Designer 7 Help – search on: Value formulas for computed fields


RedBook – Domino Designer 6: A Developer’s Handbook – Chapter 4


These questions are derived from the Self Test Software Practice Test for Lotus exam 710 – Notes Domino 7 Application Development Foundation Skills

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