Quantify Launches an Employee Satisfaction Survey Research Kit

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<p>HR research consultants Quantify have launched an Employee Satisfaction Survey Research Kit, containing everything needed to develop, administer and report on an employee survey in-house.<br /><br />&ldquo;Many people have praised our Web site and our free guide, &lsquo;Your Employee Satisfaction Survey&rsquo; but these are more about what needs to be done than showing you exactly how to do it,&rdquo; explained David Lusty, Quantify&rsquo;s principal consultant. <br /> <br />&ldquo;We recognize that many people will prefer to run a survey for themselves, rather than involve consultants. So we&rsquo;ve designed our new Employee Satisfaction Survey Research Kit (ESSRK) just for them.&rdquo;<br /> <br />The ESSRK manual answers all the &lsquo;How do I do that?&rsquo; questions that the &lsquo;Your Employee Satisfaction Survey&rsquo; free guide leaves unanswered. The Research Kit manual comprises 80 pages and includes step-by-step instruction on:<br /></p><ul><li>Running a focus group to inform the development of the questionnaire.</li><li>Writing the questionnaire.</li><li>Analyzing the results.</li><li>Assessing the significance of any differences you find.</li><li>Making normative (benchmarking) comparisons.</li><li>Full instructions on using all the bundled tools.</li></ul><p> <br />In addition, the ESSRK contains:<br /></p><ul><li>An Employee Satisfaction Survey Items (Questions) Bank, including 1,700 separate questions from which users can choose a subject area and see a number of model items (questions) that they can use to measure how people feel about it.</li><li>A template to design a compact and professional questionnaire. </li><li>A sample, ready-made Employee Satisfaction Survey questionnaire for use or adaptation.</li><li>An Excel template comprising an easy-to-use survey data capture and analysis tool. </li><li>A collection of simple statistical tools to help users answer the questions:</li><ul><li>How big a sample do we need?</li></ul><ul><li>What is a standard error, and why does it matter?</li></ul><ul><li>Is the difference between two subset results statistically significant?</li></ul><li>A normative table providing data on 51 core Employee Satisfaction Survey items. </li></ul><p> </p>

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