Quantify illumines Cara Irish Housing Association

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<p><strong>London &mdash; April 23</strong><br />Cara, the national Irish provider of social housing and the one of five Irish housing associations in England, has received some highly valuable information about its performance &mdash; from its own employees.</p><p>For the first time, Cara&#39;s 2007 Employee Satisfaction Survey (completed in February) was managed by organizational research specialist Quantify. </p><p>Now that the results have been analyzed, Cara has discovered some enlightening, as well as encouraging, results.</p><p>&quot;This survey was more comprehensive than any we have conducted before,&quot; said Patrick Walsh, Cara head of human resources. &quot;It has exposed some communications issues that we will be addressing but, generally, we were pleased with the results of the survey.&quot;<br /><br />Quantify Principal Consultant David Lusty agrees.</p><p>&quot;In almost every employee satisfaction survey we conduct, employees are asking for more and better communication,&quot; he said. &quot;The harder organizations appear to work at providing better communications, the more employees demand, so it seems you can almost never do enough to keep internal communications operating efficiently and effectively.<br /><br />&quot;Nonetheless, we&#39;re delighted to have been able to throw some light on important issues that will enable Cara to not only improve its performance as an employer but also offer its customers and clients a more effective, efficient and customer-friendly service.&quot;<br /><br />Cara, founded 23 years ago and whose name means &quot;friend&quot; in Irish, operates at a national level and contributes to the wider housing movement by supporting research, campaigning and policy development to ensure ethnic minority issues remain high on the housing agenda.<br /><br />Its core activity is to provide affordable housing and support primarily for Irish people. It manages nearly 400 homes in nine London boroughs, as well as in Luton, Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry.<br /><br />&quot;Compared with the size of our &#39;average&#39; client, Cara is a relatively small employer but from the results of the employee satisfaction survey, it would appear to be a well-run organization and a good employer,&quot; Lusty said.</p>

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