Qualified Industry Veterans Are Ideal Fit at Dow Chemical

Solid communication skills? Check. An MBA from a prestigious university? Check. A decade or more of relevant work experience? Check.

Only IT candidates with an exhaustive resume, replete with exceptional academic and work-related experience, need apply for a position at the second largest chemical company in the world.

The Dow Chemical Co. is a leading organization in the science and technology industry that provides chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to consumer markets. The company’s scope transcends international borders, and its employee base is more than 46,000 — about 800 of whom work in the IT department alone. The company is in the middle of an acquisition with Rohm and Haas, and those numbers will increase once the transition is complete.

In addition, Dow Chemical does a considerable amount of outsourcing with its partners, according to Dave Asiala, shared services IT director at Dow Chemical.

Range of IT Roles and Responsibilities

Given the size of the IT department at Dow Chemical, it isn’t surprising to encounter highly qualified employees with varied skill sets.

“We create application capabilities [and] put them into production,” Asiala said. “We have a PMO [project management office] that does program project planning, configures capabilities purchased in the market or occasionally will develop capabilities that aren’t in the market.”

The company also supports a wide range of infrastructure such as global networks, single work-station environments and IT telephony at every desktop.

“We have project managers, like most IT shops,” Asiala explained. “They will…

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