Pyramid Announces Its 3000HD Time Recorder Specially Designed for Small Ticket Printing

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<strong>Meriden, Conn. &mdash; April 1</strong><br />Pyramid Technologies, an engineer and developer of time recording products, has designed a unique solution that provides years of time, date and job printing that is perfect for almost any application.<br /><br />The 3000HD Time Recorder can stamp time, date and up to 14 messages on smaller forms, messages such as "DATE/YEAR/FILED," "PAID," "APPROVED," "FAXED," "ORIGINAL" and many more. The 3000HD features durable steel construction and can work in a variety of situations like stamping valet tickets, student hall passes, medical prescription forms, interoffice mail or coat checks. It also offers 30-day battery backup that maintains setup and time in case of power failure.<br /><br />"The 3000HD Time Recorder is so versatile that it can be used for a variety of projects and applications in practically every industry," stated Manny DaSilva, vice president of sales and marketing at Pyramid. Basically, the 3000HD is ideal for any place where records are kept and time stamping or document control is required."<br /><br />The 3000HD is perfect for these industry applications:<br /><br /><ul><li><strong>General business: </strong>Stamping various documents and forms with up to 14 selectable messages.</li><li><strong>Health care facilities: </strong>Documenting emergency room arrivals, identifying laboratory in/out times, tracking ambulance dispatch times and stamping prescription forms.</li><li><strong>Hospitality industry: </strong>Small ticket printing for coat check stubs, valet tickets, hotel receipts, airline/bus/train tickets.</li><li><strong>Legal environments: </strong>Filing time-sensitive court documents such as appeals, briefs, complaints, pleadings, and motions.</li><li><strong>Local government offices:</strong> Recording and documenting land records like mortgage deeds, tax liens and foreclosures.</li><li><strong>Schools: </strong>Time-stamping hall passes and student applications.</li></ul>

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