Proventsure Releases Compliance Software

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<p><strong>Washington &mdash; Aug. 22</strong><br />Proventsure, a provider of automated risk assessment and policy audit software to Fortune 2000 and federal organizations, announced the release of the third-generation Governance and Compliance management suite.<br /><br />Proventsure&#39;s proprietary and revolutionary patent-pending software discovers regulated information within an organization and automatically assesses the level of risk to which this information is exposed. </p><p>By prioritizing information exposure and reporting throughout an organization based on probability of loss, remediation efforts are effectively prioritized to proactively mitigate the risk of data loss. Proventsure has special focus on corporate governance and regulatory compliance challenges for health care, financial, retail, federal and educational markets.<br /><br />Proventsure Governance and Compliance management suite 3 is the culmination of working closely with customers to meet the most challenging of metrics, reporting and risk identification/mitigation challenges &mdash; as well as a focused research and development effort bringing unparalleled performance and accuracy to the data leakage, data loss and e-discovery markets.<br /><br />Highlights include:<br /></p><ul><li>Trending of Risk, Sensitive Information and Compliance Metrics.</li><li>Administrator-Controlled Threat Remediation.</li><li>File Quarantine, Immediate Risk Mitigation.</li><li>Automated and Highly-Configurable Reporting Engines.</li><li>Enterprise-Class Management System.</li><li>Unparalleled Accuracy Coupled with Innovative Learning Engine.</li><li>Open API for Open Source Scan Modules.</li><li>Innovative Probability of Loss Assessment Technology.</li><li>Many integration paths into existing technologies.</li></ul><br />”One customer deployed the Proventsure Assessment engine to nearly 2,000 computers in a week,” described Proventsure CEO Gary Golomb. “They leveraged the proactive remediation capabilities to immediately regain control of more than 100,000 files containing the most severe threats to regulated personal information disclosure on hundreds endpoints. This was accomplished in less than a week, resulting in a massive and immediate elimination of risk of public disclosure.” <br />

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