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Information technology is a mission-critical part of today’s business world, with the control of data and the administration of systems and networks growing in importance. That’s an indisputable fact of 21st-century life.


IT professionals, then, are of equal importance, the gatekeepers that make it all possible. Accordingly, good IT professionals, especially the certified ones, can earn good pay.


Are you worth it?


That’s not a rhetorical question. According to a recent industry report, proving your worth is going to be your mission for at least the next year.
CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, in June released an in-depth survey on the state of the IT training industry in North America. It’s a fascinating read that looks at the United States and Canadian markets for IT training. While the report may not be aimed directly at the IT professional, the region-by-region snapshot has a lot of information that adapts to your career.


For example, the report predicts substantial improvement in market conditions for training companies, a pretty healthy indicator of demand for skilled IT professionals. Security and project management, not at all surprisingly, are predicted to lead the growth. But don’t forget your soft skills: Business and soft skills also are set for expansion. And after a year when IT demand dropped in nearly all industry sectors, all 14 segments measured are projected to grow.
Clearly, the message is to never stop learning. Tough times can be demoralizing, and it would be premature to say a bright horizon is just around the corner, but an ongoing investment in your skills can never hurt.


This is especially the case in light of this result from CompTIA’s report, on issues of greatest importance to IT training buyers: “Next year the number one priority for buyers is expected to be establishing the business justification for training.”


In other words, are you worth the investment?


IT professionals, both current and aspiring, are funding a large amount of learning themselves, but employers also are investing strongly in a well-developed workforce. CompTIA’s report shows certification will grow in importance to you and to those who pay your bills, but not surprisingly, employers are going to want some sizzle for that steak.


So once again, it’s all up to you. Ensuring the future of certification, and of certified professionals, requires a positive image for credentialed workers. In order to protect your future, be sure you’re putting the proper effort into your studies. Work diligently on the job and remember there’s more than just your paycheck at stake. Project the competent, qualified image befitting a certified professional.


Being an IT expert is a lot of work. But your career is worth the effort.


Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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