Protect Your Network From Internal Threats

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The MyDoom worm, also known as Novarg, has been spreading at a steady rate since it popped up in inboxes last week. The worm uses a clever bit of social engineering, convincing users that it is an error message sent by a mail administrator to trick them into opening an attachment containing the worm. According to MessageLabs, a provider of managed e-mail security services, nearly 8.5 million copies had been stopped by the firm as of Jan. 30. As of Tuesday, Jan. 27, MyDoom had become the fastest-spreading virus of all time, a title previously held by Sobig.F a mass-mailing virus that hit in August last year.  




You may think your network is safe from intruders, but all it takes is one mobile worker to download a virus at an off-site location and come back and infect your entire system. To address internal threats, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has introduced Check Point InterSpect, a family of Internal Security Gateway solutions to help protect internal networks and applications. This complete internal security solution can help safeguard your network from cyber attacks introduced internally.




Attacks that start inside the network with desktops and laptops used by mobile employees require more than one layer of security. It only takes one employee to download a virus or worm and infect the network. According to the 2003 Computer Crime and Security Survey from the Computer Security Institute and the FBI, 251 organizations reported more than  $200 million in financial losses due to security breaches and computer crimes. The Blaster worm alone caused more than $500 million in damages according to Computer Economics.




The InterSpect system is a dedicated security appliance that can be quickly deployed with minimum disruption within the enterprise network. Using security technology, the appliance inspects internal traffic to find and block unauthorized behavior and to prevent specific attacks. Integrating new software on a new hardware platform, InterSpect can be easily deployed into existing networks within minutes.




InterSpect can help you maintain the security of the systems you administer by:





    • Blocking the spread of viruses, worms and other attacks within the network.


    • Segmenting the network into security zones to contain attacks and curtail unrestricted access.


    • Quarantining suspicious computers to isolate attacks and compromised devices to prevent network-wide contamination and aid in patch management.


    • Providing support for Microsoft and other LAN protocols to ensure stability.


  • Defending against vulnerabilities proactively—before they are exploited.




To learn more about Check Point InterSpect, see

Emily Hollis is managing editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at 

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