Prosoft Releases New E-Commerce Exam for CIW Program

Prosoft Learning Corp., which operates the Certified Internet Web Professional certification program, announced it would release a new test for its Master CIW Designer credentialing track. Version 5 of the E-Commerce Designer exam is slated for release this Thursday, but might come out even sooner than that, said Dr. James Stanger, vice president of certification and product development at Prosoft Learning.

“We’re excited about it,” he said. “It’s really an overhaul. We changed the objectives, but it’s hard to say we changed them entirely. The last time those objectives had been worked on in any significant way was in 2002, which is quite a long time.”

The revamp of the exam includes a reorganization of content and the addition of information about relatively new concepts within the e-commerce field, which Stanger suggested might warrant its own certification within the CIW program sometime in the future. “We went through and divided the exam into three different sections. We did a JTA (job-task analysis) where we added things like e-learning and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), ensuring product mix, Web site optimization—there’s lots of stuff there to talk about.”

Online learning in particular needed to be addressed in a new way, Stanger said. “When e-learning was first brought out, I think it was sold wrong. It was introduced in an incorrect way, like it was going to replace everything. Well, no: It’s a supplement—and it’s a very good and effective supplement—to other forms of learning.”

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