Prosoft Polling to Assess CIW Cert

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Prosoft Learning, which operates the Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) credentialing program, is conducting a poll to see how closely CIW corresponds to the industry it presently covers. The Prosoft certification team will make changes to the CIW program if information provided by respondents shows the need for any modifications, said James Stanger, Ph.D., chief certification architect at Prosoft.

“We’re interested in contacting existing CIW (certificants),” Stanger said. “Most of these folks are out in the field working, so we wanted to ask them what kinds of technologies they wanted to see. We have an existing road map of CIW that’s been out there for some time, and we want to see how much that jives with what’s going on in corporations today and what Web developers and designers are really doing right now. We’re beginning a kind of JTA (job-task analysis) process. We’re going to take the results from the survey to shape what the CIW is going to look like.”

Stanger predicted that the results of the survey would cause the CIW certifications – as well as the company’s instructor-led and online courses – to shift in focus toward more specific job roles and technologies. “I think we’re going to see more of them focus on specific job roles. There are people who, instead of being heavy-duty designers, work every day on setting up blogs or sending out HTML-enabled e-mails. There need to be ways for people to get trained in that, instead of just the school of hard knocks. We’re also going to see certifications and other offerings coming out that focus even more deeply on design – image design, CSS, RSS feeds, things like that.”

“We’re definitely seeing some trends in the market research we’ve been doing over the past couple of months,” said Jody Miller, director of marketing at Prosoft Learning. “One of the things that we’ve talked at length about is making sure that the certification is relevant not only to the job skills we’ve covered in the past, but also the emerging jobs that come out as the Internet matures. Those that we see in the future of CIW might be search engine specialists or online marketing specialists – people who aren’t necessarily in Web design, but are still touched by the business of the Internet.”

The survey ends on Thursday, Nov. 9. To participate, go to

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