Promisec Announces Next-Generation Promisec Spectator Professional

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New York — March 18
Promisec Inc., a provider of clientless technology solutions to enforce the security, compliance and integrity of endpoints and servers, announced Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 with comprehensive remote remediation capabilities that eliminate PC/server downtime and improve overall corporate productivity.

Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 helps organizations meet rigorous corporate and governmental compliance regulations to ensure business uptime and prevent insider threats to corporate information. New capabilities in Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 include enhanced reporting, UNIX/Linux and Macintosh OS X and up inspection support, XML support, audit trail tracking and Hotfix patch update monitoring.

Traditional endpoint security and management solutions have required that software clients be installed on all endpoints under protection resulting in additional hardware and software costs in addition to unnecessary performance loss from processor-intensive functions. With Promisec Spectator Professional there are no clients required, significantly reducing enterprise-wide implementation costs. As a result, Promisec delivers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) than comparable technologies for endpoint compliance enforcement and risk management.

According to International Data Corp., “Transmission vehicles for malicious codes (malware) have progressed over the past decade from floppy disk, to e-mail, to most recently, networks themselves. This is especially threatening because malware writers have discovered that clients attached to high-speed wireless and wired networks are powerful means to spread infections. Clients have become the source of
distributed network attacks on servers and more importantly, applications.”

With the release of Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3, Promisec prevents the growing number and variety of human and cyber threats from affecting corporate endpoints. This ensures that harmful processes such as installing unauthorized peer-to-peer software or attaching removable storage devices are addressed through predetermined policy settings from the central management interface. The solution's automated remote remediation eliminates the need to use a secondary tool or have someone physically remediate problems at the client, simplifying administrator and help-desk tasks. Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 provides a layer of security endpoint management and risk assessment not available with alternative solutions.

Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 is enhanced for greater endpoint visibility, reporting, control and utilization across varied environments. Enhancements include the ability to demonstrate whether third-party software solutions are running as designed and within policy, providing detailed reports on third-party software compliance. Promisec Spectator Professional allows the administrator to define a comprehensive range of registry keys and values associated with applications and guarantee the software's availability on a host and ensure that settings remain unaltered as a result of Promisec's automated enforcement functionality.

New capabilities of Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 include:

  • Enhanced reporting engine: Provides the IT/IS team an effective way to demonstrate high levels of security and regulatory compliance through comprehensive reporting to business managers, partners, customers and regulatory auditors. To accomplish this, the system transforms raw security data into intelligence through comprehensive reporting that includes severity preference, 10 top objects, 10 top hosts and inventory and produces accumulative period reports through the reporting system.
  • UNIX inspection support: The solution now monitors and remediates systems on the UNIX/Linux and Macintosh OS X and up platforms and delivers the findings securely using Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.
  • Hotfix automated patch monitor: Identifies missing patches and allows the ability to import a patch list for version examination and to inform the user in the event of patch absence.
  • XML support: Reports are now saved in XML format for easy export to external systems. Promisec Spectator Professional 3.3 delivers audit data and reports in standard formats (CSV, RTF, DOC, PDF, XLS and XML ).
  • Audit trail tracking: Promisec Spectator Professional enforces policy compliance and tracking of events. Version 3.3 records all executed audit activity and provides tracking data for forensic and in-depth analysis.

“Promisec Spectator Professional is an excellent choice for organizations that require powerful endpoint management and security without the complexity of client-based technologies,” said Alan Komet, vice president of marketing for Promisec. “With the latest release, we have taken the most effective, easiest-to-deploy endpoint defense solution on the market and raised the bar for others in this space.”

The starting price is $43 per seat for SMBs and enterprises. Volume discounts apply. Promisec Spectator Professional version 3.3 is available immediately. 

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