Prometric Acquisition Moves Toward Global Markets

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Prometric, a leading technology-enabled testing and assessment service, recently announced its acquisition by Educational Testing Services (ETS). Previously a subsidiary of The Thompson Corporation, a multibusiness information conglomerate, the change in owner to ETS signifies a more subject-specific parent in the world of testing.


The change won’t disrupt any current or future testing or yield any major personnel changes, according to Ray Kelly, senior vice president of client services for Prometric.


“Candidates will not be affected in any way,” Kelly said. “All exams, registration and scheduling processes will be handled just as they are now. Our business, customer focus, company structure, services and solutions will remain the same, as will our management team. ETS supports our existing direction, focus and corporate strategy.”


That support will lend itself to Prometric reaching beyond its traditional boundaries and looking for opportunities in previously untapped areas, especially in global markets. Since ETS shares similar values and strategies with Prometric, this strong market concentration coalesces with the expansion of its business.


“This focus will manifest itself in several ways, including increasing accessibility of exams through the build-out of our global test center network, making smart investments in infrastructure, and innovating solutions to improve test development, delivery and reporting services,” Kelly said.


Prometric’s new ownership will help clients grow their certification programs beyond their current capacity. By providing candidates with easier access to certification and licensing paths, Prometric will be able to expand from its 450 current clients in the academic, government, IT and corporate realms. Kelly believes that ETS’s ownership of the similarly focused Prometric will be key in taking both entities to the next level.


“Being backed by a parent with similar strategies and interest will allow continued investment and growth in the industry,” he said. “Such investment will foster development and innovation in our client’s growth objectives.”

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