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These questions are based on 834: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Application Development Foundation Skills
Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Programming.
Sub-objective: Working with basic formula language.

Single answer, multiple-choice

Alan has a database in which he has enabled Allow soft deletions. When users delete documents, they go to a trash folder, but Alan wants to create an action in the trash folder that can be used to permanently remove those documents if desired. Which @function should Alan use?

  1. @DeleteDocument
  2. @Command([Clear]);
  3. @HardDeleteDocument
  4. @Command[EditClear]

C. @HardDeleteDocument

@HardDeleteDocument is an @function used to permanently delete a document from a database. @HardDeleteDocument can be used in an agent. When used, @HardDeleteDocument permanently removes the document being processed from the database if the database has soft deletions enabled.

When the option “Allow soft deletions” is enabled for a database, this means that when users delete documents, they are not permanently deleted at that time, but rather they are sent to a trash folder where they can be restored if needed.

If you wanted to permanently remove documents from the trash folder, you could create an action using the @HardDeleteDocument in the action. When the action is used, it will permanently remove the documents.

@Command[EditClear] is used to mark a document for deletion from an icon, view or form action.

@DeleteDocument is used to perform a soft deletion on a document. Remember, “soft deletion” means the document can be retrieved.

@Command([Clear]) performs the menu command Edit > Delete.

Lotus Domino Designer 8 Help – Search on: @HardDeleteDocument

IBM RedBook – Domino Designer 6: A Developer’s Handbook – Chapter 14

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