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Questions derived from the 1Z0-141 – Oracle Forms: Build Internet Applications Oracle Self-Test Software Practice Test.


Objective: Programming Function Keys
SubObjective: Define key triggers and their uses


Item Number: 1Z0-
Multiple Answer, Multiple Choice


For which purposes would key triggers be used? (Choose two.)



  1. Performing inserts
  2. Navigation control
  3. Field-level validation
  4. Disabling function keys
  5. Replacement of default functionality of function keys


D. Disabling function keys
E. Replacement of default functionality of function keys


Key triggers would be used to disable function keys or replace default functionality of function keys. Key triggers allow you to modify, replace or disable the standard functionality of a function key. A key trigger is a subprogram that executes when the function key associated with the trigger is pressed. For example, a Key-Delrec trigger could be created to replace the functionality of the Delete Record key or a Key-Listval trigger could be created to execute additional PL/SQL code when after an LOV is displayed. You should note that not all of the functions keys defined within Forms can be redefined.


All of the other options are incorrect. Key triggers are not used to perform inserts, control navigation or perform validation. Validation triggers are used to perform validation, navigational triggers are used for navigation and transactional triggers are used to manipulate data.


1. Oracle Forms Online Help
Designing Forms Applications – Triggers – Interface Event Triggers

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