Professional and Social Responsibility

These questions are derived from the Self Test Software Practice Test for the Project Management Institute exam #PMP3ED – Project Management Professional Third Edition

Objective: Professional and Social Responsibility

SubObjective : Ensure Integrity and Professionalism

Single Answer, Multiple Choice

You are working on a research and development project, and your customer asks you to include a particular component in the project. You know that you do not have excess funds to incorporate this new work. What should you do?

  1. Follow the contract change control process.
  2. Ask for more funds from the project sponsor.
  3. Negotiate with the customer for reducing some other work with similar effort line.
  4. Remove some lower priority work from the scope to incorporate the new requirement.


A. Follow the contract change control process.


You should follow the contract change control process. According to the Code of Professional Conduct, you are required to perform the duties of your role. Projects should have an official Integrated Change Control process in place to handle modifications to the project. As project manager, you must follow the processes set in place. If the customer wants to include a particular component in the project plan, a change control process should be followed.

Asking for more funds is a possible solution, but you will need to get these funds approved through the change control board.



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