Profanity Filters Take Worry Out of Online Collaboration for K-12 Schools

<strong>San Diego &mdash; May 5</strong><br />Blogs and message boards provide a powerful new way for teachers and students to share essential classroom news; yet, they also offer a potential forum for offensive language, according to Kelly Agrelius, manager of marketing and sales for School Web Lockers, a provider of cost-effective, Web-based tools for K-12 collaboration, file sharing and storage. <br /><br />To respond to this challenge, School Web Lockers introduced a new profanity filter that scans all posts for profanity, giving schools and school districts a worry-free way to take advantage of the latest trends in collaboration. <br /><br />"It&#39;s part of our ongoing effort to keep online collaboration clean and productive at K-12 schools," said Agrelius. "Anytime a user tries to post an inappropriate message, the School Web Lockers filter automatically sends an e-mail alert to the administrator. This not only prevents the message from getting posted, but also causes the user to lose all posting privileges until matters are resolved." <br /><br />Offering unlimited data-storage capacity for as little as $1 per student, the School Web Lockers service consists of a secure, password-protected Web site that schools can leverage for file sharing, collaboration and storage. Each student and staff member receives their own digital locker that comes with a user name and password. They can use the lockers to upload homework assignments and projects, send and receive assignments, view graded work and communicate with teachers and classmates outside the classroom. <br /><br />Use of the file sharing and…



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