Product Review: ExamForce CramMaster Online and Practice Labs

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ExamForce has some powerful tool to help you prepare for your next cert exam.Summer is winding down, so it’s back to business. We dove into some ExamForce products that can help you, your employees, or your students get certified.

We looked into two separate ExamForce products — CramMaster Online and ExamForce Practice Labs — for the CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications.

My CramMasters

Priced at $199.95 per title, the CramMaster product allows you to get plenty of practice answering the types of questions you will encounter on CompTIA certification exams through a few different methods.


CramMaster gives learners the opportunity to assess their skills at the beginning of their studies by offering a Pretest. The Pretest consists of 50 questions and does not have a time limit.

After the Pretest, CramMaster gives you an overall score and then breaks it down by objective. In all cases save the Network+ course, CramMaster gives you related chapters in a Sybex textbook that can be used to study and learn the answers to questions on the objectives.

It doesn’t look like any feedback or reports are available to show the learner which questions they missed in the Pretest section.

Adaptive Drills

The Adaptive Drills section allows you to customize a practice test experience. You can drill down and practice using questions from specific objectives, or focus on questions you’ve missed, answered correctly, or haven’t answered yet. You can also limit by number of questions or only include questions with attached notes or that contain a specific word.

During these drills, a student can decide to receive instant feedback, mark a question, add a note, or even see the answer and explanation. At the end of the drill, a student can review the exam and see the results.


Product                                                 Number of Drill Questions
CompTIA A+ 220-801 Essentials410
01-PC Hardware173
02-Networking 116
04-Printers 44
05-Operational Procedures37
CompTIA A+ 220-802 Practical Application370
01-Operating Systems165
03-Moblie Devices50
CompTIA Network+ N10-006597
01-Network Architecture173
02-Network Operations87
03-Network Security113
05-Industry Standards, Practices, & Network Theory106
CompTIA Security+ SY0-401612
01-Network Security147
02-Compliance and Operational Security142
03-Threats and Vulnerabilities146
04-Application, Data and Host Security73
05-Access Control and Identity Management73


Simulated Exams

CramMaster gives you the option to take multiple simulated exams (four exams for the A+ products, and two for Network+ and Security+ products) that are modeled after the actual certification exams. They contain 100 questions each and have a time limit of 90 minutes.

After taking the exam, students are given the option to review the multiple choice questions they missed and read an explanation or tutorial on the subject of that question. Learners are also able to review their competency by objective to identify their weak subjects.

Documents & Links

In the Tools section of the course, learners can glance at reports that track their progress or manage the notes they have taken while going through questions. Additionally, they have Documents and Links available to them — this is where they can access the Sybex textbook and, in some cases, ExamForce study guides.

My Labs

Additionally, we looked at another ExamForce product, Practice Labs for 220-802 CompTIA A+ Support Skills, CompTIA Network+ (N10-006), and SY0-401 CompTIA Security+. Priced at $299.95, you will save time and money on setting up hardware for yourself or other learners. ExamForce Practice Labs allow learners to gain risk-free, real-world experience by connecting them to the real equipment.

ExamForce has some powerful tool to help you prepare for your next cert exam.

Practice Labs screen shot.

Upon launching a lab, students are asked to boot up different machines before they are walked through tasks to learn the concepts outlined. Booting up the machines takes a little bit of time…but this is because you are not launching a simulation, you are connecting to the real equipment! The advantage here is that you do not have to worry about ruining equipment or live systems—learners can try whatever actions they please, mess things up, and then reset the lab and try again with no consequences.


If you are looking to certify and/or train employees, students, or yourself, CramMaster and Practice Labs give you a good option with plenty of questions to review and practice before you look to get certified!

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  1. It’s cheaper and more effective to just buy for a third the price. They come with enough practice questions and flash cards.

  2. I purchased a lifetime subscription with CramMaster Online and was very disappointed with the first exam I studied. I was studying for the Microsoft 70-410 exam, and CramMaster Online website states that “Simulated Exam Mode is designed to approximate the real exam.” DO NOT be fooled as I was. If you are looking for a site that “approximates the real exam”, this IS NOT the site for you. You will only get multiple choice questions. I passed the Microsoft 70-410 last Saturday and if I didn’t have other test banks that I used to study for this exam, I probably would have scored around 300 points just studying CramMaster Online material only. Now, I waited to post this in order for CramMaster Online to respond to my disappointment email. Instead of them telling me that they would reimbursement my $900.00 plus dollars, he went on to degrade other sites telling me that they were illegal and that I could have my certification pulled for using other sites similar to CramMaster Online. I am just telling you DO NOT waste your money with this site. I got burned and I don’t want anyone else to get burned. Please learn from my mistake. Take care and good luck with your certifications.

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