PRINCE2: A New Project Management Methodology

Project management may experience its own version of the British invasion soon, said Ron Cook, a project management instructor at the Boston University Corporate Education Center (BUCEC), which offers professional learning programs to individuals in the work force. PRINCE2, or PRojects IN Controlled Environments, is a method that is widely used by the private sector and government agencies in the U.K. and other nations to manage projects in a range of industries.

“I’m very excited about PRINCE2,” said Cook, BUCEC’s PRINCE2 lead trainer. “My gut tells me that in five years, PRINCE2 is going to be all over the U.S. People are going to see the benefits that it offers as a methodology.”

The PRINCE2 process of project implementation has eight steps. They are:

  1. Starting up.
  2. Directing a project.
  3. Initiating a project.
  4. Controlling a stage.
  5. Managing stage boundaries.
  6. Planning.
  7. Managing product delivery.
  8. Closing a project.

Throughout all these phases, PRINCE2 project managers apply five concepts, which are:

  • Control
  • Quality
  • Planning
  • Lesson learned
  • Risk management

Although these processes and concepts are standard, PRINCE2 is inherently amenable to new ideas, Cook said. “It’s constantly being updated and improved, very much like the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is for PMI (Project Management Institute). It’s open to utilizing any tools and techniques that project managers find useful.”

BUCEC offers two courses and two exams for PRINCE2: the Foundation class…



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